Arctic Innovation Forum Sweden Kalix March 2019

Join the “Glocal” community of Thinkers, Creatives, and Disruptive Innovators in he #arcticinnovationforum Connect and collaborate with people in similar roles, pursuing similar objectives and facing similar challenges: people that you wish you had more of in your company.

The essential Innovation Forum in the Arctic region.

Most large companies are talking about SMART 4.0 – Innovation and Design Thinking. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our events are based on the Learning by Doing approach, with questions and reflections in a collaborative and relaxed environment. We avoid long-winded speeches and boring presentations. Instead, we dive straight into debate and discussion based on real cases from industries worldwide.

Arctic Innovation Forum in Kalix creates positive change in the region by engaging leaders, organisations, and government. Bringing together citizens, innovators and building networks between entrepreneurs, enterprises, and inventors to discuss the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity, R&D and product development. You can expect a high agenda with experienced worldwide speakers, global players, and intense networking.

This conference is for you

Entrepreneurs, owners, government, CEO and leaders from small and medium enterprises with future vision. Young professionals were eager to start-up their own business. Founders from Scandinavia and Russia. Disruptors who want to acquire and learn the necessary skills and tools to kick-start the new era of innovation.


- International speakers with extensive knowledge and experience
- Lectures and workshops with state-of-the-art content
- Opportunity to network and share knowledge
- An authentic experience of learning and knowledge-sharing
- Learn from real success cases

Welcome to Kalix

Bringing together citizens, innovators and building networks between entrepreneurs, enterprises, and inventors to discuss the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity, R&D and product development. #arcticinnovationforum

The  #arcticinnivationforum Forum aims to discuss innovation from many different viewpoints. Innovation is not the same as invention. Innovation for your customers, users, and citizens is most often a simplification of doing things. The taking away of hurdles. The improvement of the quality of interaction and process, both in the end result but also in the process of creating and delivering innovation. The main contributor to this is Design Thinking – a method of working that turns the old way of moving from idea to execution on its head, and instead encourages experimentation and end-user involvement, to quickly iterate your way to an unexpected, but often much more effective, solution.


Offer to you 4 workshops in where you will find  how you can improve, understand and use  in your normal day with your team :

1.- Scrum & agile team process ;

2.- How the Happiness contribute and grow the productivity; 

3.- Through Design Thinking you can discover the customer needs

4.- Discover the UX experience ; the most important AHA moment for your customers.

 * International speakers with wide knowledge and experience in the above areas.
 * Lectures and workshops with state-of-the-art contents.
 *The opportunity to do networking and to share knowledge.
 * Live a true experience of knowledge and learning.
 * The one and only experience to learn about real successful cases.

Be part of the 2030 Arctic Project Agenda:


1.-Dissemination of the Smart Cities concept and its practical application, in order to incorporate it into the collective language.
2.-Generation, promotion and monitoring of Nordic Region Round Table of Norrbotten Smart Cities, which brings together different Ministries, Universities, NGOs
3.-Promoting and monitoring of Smart Cities technical table which brings together companies linked to the development of services and products of Norrbotten Smart Cities.
4.-Elaboration of public-private agenda, in conjunction with various Municipalities and companies.
5.-Development of pilots in conjunction with companies, State, NGOs, universities and international organizations.
6.-Elaboration of contents and dissemination of best practices in topics related to Smart Cities, Innovation and Design Thinking.
7.-Generation of strategic alliances, nationally and internationally.


I suspect that the early adopters will be rewarded for their courage jumping into this new technology, and those who avoid change risk becoming irrelevant and left behind.



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Chris Butsch
How to Inspire young Employees to innovate for your Company

The Don´t panic Project

Chris Butsch is a globally-recognized authority on the Millennial Generation (b. 1982-2000). A keynote speaker, best-selling author, and corporate trainer, Chris helps business leaders maximize the recruitment, retention, and productivity of the world's largest and most unique working generation. His work has been featured in Forbes, Huffpost, and dozens of other media outlets. He is based in Atlanta, GA. 

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Jan Kemi
Smart Projects for Successful Innovation

Smart Projects for Successful Innovation

"Jan is a dedicated fly-fisher and nature loving man living in Luleå. He is also a partner for designing and performing efficient development processes. Among clients he is appreciated as a committed and trustful project leader with the ambition to deliver results with agreed quality. This year Jan celebrates 30 years of professional working experience related to product and business development. Since many years he is running an own consultancy (GeoVision Utveckling AB) assisting clients in planning and management of projects. During the years Jan has obtained international certifications in the areas of Project Management, Scrum and Product Requirement Engineering/Validation. Jan has client references from different application areas, with successful examples from Governmental Management, Local Infrastructure/Utilities, Nature Tourism and Reindeer Herding in Sapmi."

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Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist
Global Swedes An Untapped Resources for Sweden and Beyond

Global Swedes An Untapped Resources for Sweden and Beyond

Generalsekreterare för Svenskar i Världen. Under sina 24 år utomlands har hon bland annat arbetat vid generalkonsulatet i Chicago, tjänstgjort vid ambassaden i Bonn, jobbat som chef för svenska informationskontoret i New York, haft positionen andreman vid ambassaden i Caracas, Venezuela samt varit ambassadör i Mexiko, Australien och Nya Zeeland.

Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist

Global Swedes An Untapped Resources for Sweden and Beyond

Svenskar i Världen / Swedes Worldwide

  Stockholm University

Company Name

Swedes Worldwide

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Matz Engman
Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Matz Engman

With solid experience from Telia, Linjeflyg/SAS, and last six years as CEO of Luleå Näringsliv AB, Matz Engman has become synonymous with investment successes and cluster growth.

During Matz's time at Luleå Näringsliv AB, Luleå has succeeded in securing high growth, attracting global companies, not least Facebook - and awarding it as the growth municipality of the year in Sweden. As initiator and driving force for Facebook's establishment and growth in Sweden, Matz has key experiences for how to create value between industry, academia and the public sector - as a minor player or region, it can play successfully in the international arena.


Matz is highly appreciated by regions and companies across the Nordic region, as a speaker for how to step up as a region in an international market.


Matz has been employed by United Minds since autumn 2017 as a consultant and industrial adviser in Industrial Innovation and Industry Attraction. In its new role, Matz is committed to advising global companies seeking Sweden and the Nordic region, regions and business clusters seeking disruptive paths for growth, as well as Swedish and international large companies seeking new value creation.

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Robert Alan Black
S.P.R.E.A.D.NG Creative Thinking Throughout a Smart City

S.P.R.E.A.D.NG Creative Thinking throughout A Smart City

Since 1978 Dr. Black has presented at over 150 creativity conferences on 5 continents: CPSI for 34 years, ACRE in South Africa for 15 years. In 2012 he presented at three programs in Brazil in August for the first time making it 6 continents and 85 countries. Since 16 he had 48 jobs in the past 52 years: licensed architect, interior designer, graphics and signage designer, freelance cartoonist and writer, college professor at three different universities since 1980.

His travels have taken me to 49 of the 50 USA states and 85 countries where he has spoken and worked in most of them attempting to S.P.R.E.A.D. creative thinking throughout entire workplaces from individuals to teams to departments to entire organizations.

  • Ph.D. in the Teaching of Creative Thinking with Dr. E. Paul Torrance as major professor
  • M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling of Gifted, Talented and Creative Individuals
  • M.A. in Art in Interior Architecture
  • M.A. in Art in Visual Communication
  • B.S. in Architectural Design

M.I.N.D. Design thinking style model/instruments based upon his doctoral dissertation study into the matching of teaching and learning styles based upon thinking styles to teach creative thinking skills and tools.  Over 400,000 people have completed a MD in the past 30 years.

BROKEN CRAYONS: Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines has been published in 4 countries (USA, Turkey, Solvenia, South Africa) and translated into 3 languages (Turkish, Solvenian and Japanese).

600+ articles since 1980: leadership, communication, teamwork and creative thinking. He has co-authored books in the US, UK and South Africa.

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Petra Ahl
Change Management, Purpose -Drive and Creativity

Critical Skills for Building a Smart Strategy

Petra Åhl

Petra is an innovation leader and strategist with a passion for making value out of ideas and she is on a mission to make the world more authentic and purpose-driven. Why? Because when knowing yourself and your purpose and constantly working in the direction of it you will be able to invoke more creativity, flow and value in to your life and business.

Five years ago, Petra returned home from the south of Sweden to beautiful Gällivare. She is a multi-entrepreneur and yoga teacher with 20 years’ experience from leading R&D organizations and complex, international R&D projects in various industries such as pharmaceuticals and mining. She holds a MSc in Mechanical engineering from Luleå University of Technology. Currently she is running her own innovation management consultant business, Ducit Innovation AB. Together with two other entrepreneurs she has also a newly started company, Viduma AB, that offers Spira Connect ™ - events and networking for people and women that wants to grow in their personal and professional life.

As a client, you can expect genuine interest, authenticity, creativity, result focus and a lot of action and laughter when working with Petra. Every meeting counts and generates value.

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Inger Pedersen
Smart sustainable business instead of Smart Industry.

Smart sustainable business instead of Smart Industry.

For companies, sustainability is all about minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities for business to have a long-term positive economic, environmental and social impact. This delivers results for investors, consumers, communities and the many people we serve, while strengthening our business as well.

Inger Pedersen

Is a Business advisor at North Sweden Energy Agency , Coaching companies within the green sector. She brings years of experience of business- and regional development from various sectors ranging from mining, IT , tourism and computer gaming to the table. At North sweden Energy Agency Inger is focusing on new business ideas within renewable energy and clean teach .

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Niklas Nordström
Leading Change Smart Industry 4.0

Leading Change Smart Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 refers to the combination of several major innovations in digital technology, all coming to maturity right now, all poised to transform the energy and manufacturing sectors. These technologies include advanced robotics and artificial intelligence; sophisticated sensors; cloud computing; the Internet of Things; data capture and analytics; digital fabrication (including 3D printing); software-as-a-service and other new marketing models;  platforms that use algorithms to direct motor vehicles (including navigation tools, ride-sharing apps, and autonomous vehicles); and the embedding of all these elements in an interoperable global value chain, shared by many companies from many countries.

Niklas Nordström

Niklas Nordström is a well known person in the political landscape in Sweden. He has a broad background in business and politics and is currently Mayor in the city of Luleå. He is chairman of the board for Business Sweden. 
Niklas has worked hard to broaden the relations and international partnerships for Luleå. The most recognised is the collaboration with Austin, Texas, that opens doors for Luleå University of Technology. Luleå has reached several prestigious awards after Niklas took office. Among them Placebrander of the year ad Growth Municipality of the year. Niklas is 48 years old and has two adult children.

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Caro Salazar
Disruptive Innovation Strategies for a Succesful Enterprise

Disruptive Innovation Strategies for a Succesful Enterprise

Discover a Disruptive Solution.

Disruptive innovation, a term of art coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.

Characteristics of disruptive businesses, at least in their initial stages, can include:  lower gross margins, smaller target markets, and simpler products and services that may not appear as attractive as existing solutions when compared against traditional performance metrics.

Caro Salazar

Design Thinking involves an explicit attempt to engage with typical and atypical user, so we develop a deeper understanding of how our solution will touch many types of users. The ambitious goal is to produce a solution that captures the hearts and minds of everyone on the team and the user of the solution.

The ability to negotiate and resolve disputes not only with costumers, suppliers and partners but also internally is a fundamental skill for sucess in business. Yet is one of that is seldom taught systematically.

Carolina Founder Design Thinking Institute, an award-winningexperience design firm that grew a full service creative agencywith impressive list of Fortune 500 Clients. Caro ́s patented innovation practices result in products that help customers get a “job” done better; designing company culture wherepeople love to work. Provide a concrete framework to define,conceptualize and begin to design culture of your team or organization.

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Margus Klaar
Service design: the most important design discipline you’ve never heard of

Service design: the most important design discipline you’ve never heard of

Quality is not unique anymore. The fact that things work, is no longer good enough in a global competitive environment, where not only businesses but also regions and countries need to attract the brightest talent.

The question to ask, is not what can you do. Instead ask, what will people receive, because a service delivered does not automatically equal value received. In order to develop services and/or products that are actually valuable to the user or customer, you have to challenge your most closely held presumptions. Not because they are wrong, but because they may soon be obsolete.

To deliver value, you have to understand where value is actually created, which means working backwards from the user / customer experience to your service. This means applying service design methodology to service and product development, focusing on the customer, not the deliverable.

Margus Klaar

Margus is a Swiss-Swedish-Canadian-Estonian currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a founding partner of Brand Manual in 2009, his job has been to grow the international business of the company. His other responsibility is the continuous development of the process and tools of service design that Brand Manual applies daily to client projects, and as such has been a frequent speaker at national and international branding and service design conferences.

He has published numerous articles on the subject of branding and service design both in press and on the Brand Manual blog and is the author of the book “How to have your cake and eat it too – an introduction to service design”. He is also active in the Service Design Network (global community for service design) and is the catalyst behind the Service Design Award, which was launched in October 2015 in New York.

Working with clients, Margus’ strength is in designing homogenous long-term strategy and single-minded concepts out of disparate, and sometimes at first sight contradictory, information. He’s been a  guest lecturer at Marketing Institute and Berghs School of Communication, as well as various business schools, and is a design mentor at the European Innovation Academy.

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Mattias Bergström
LTU Business Expert

Creative Destruction has Brought us Wonderful Things

This research aims to make a contribution in the context of design thinking at a global cultural scale and specifically how design methods are a feature of the homogenising and heterogenising forces of globalisation via creative destruction. Since Schumpeter’s description of economic innovation destroying the old and creating the new, a number of other interpretations of creative destruction have developed including those driving cultural evolution

Mattias Bergström

Mattias Bergström is LTU Business Expert in Innovation and Design Processes. He is a PhD and a PhD in 2009 in the subject Functional Products at Luleå University of Technology, LTU. After his dissertation, he has worked as a researcher at LTU and led several projects; mainly with the Swedish engineering industry.

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Jens Lundström
Abi General Manager

Challenges and Opportunities for Northern Sweden

The evolution in design research from a user-centered approach to co-designing is changing the roles of the designer, the researcher and the person formerly known as the “user”. The implications of this shift for the education of designers and researchers are enormous. The evolution in design research from a user-centered approach to co-designing is changing the landscape of design practice as well, creating new domains of collective creativity. It is hoped that this evolution will support a transformation toward more sustainable ways of living in the future.

Jens Lundström

VD Arctic Business Incubator & ESA-BIC Sweden

Working with entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and venture stakeholders to exceed their expectations. Works in teams hands-on, as advisor, as mentor and within board member and ready to do what it takes 365/24/7.Started out in Internet and Software but have added clean-tech, space and several other exciting areas under the belt since. Worked both from board seat and as angel investor, mentor or external independent advisor.M.Sc. in Computer Science (in Artificial Intelligence & Database tech) from Linköping University. Then some own companies and lots of experiences. Started out as officer in Swedish armed forces (Intel/Recon/G2/J2) and still some hours in this.

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Diana Chronéer
Computer Science

How to Digital Transformation Happen-Integration of Processes , People , Technique

Disruptive technologies, changing customer behavior and shifting economic and political winds have led to complex challenges requiring innovative, nimble solutions that are not business-as-usual. To discover these new opportunities and reshape towards digital transformation, many companies have turned away from traditional analytical thinking towards design thinking, a method that does not immediately consider a solution upfront, but examines both present and future conditions and parameters of the problem, ultimately exploring alternative solutions.

Diana Chronéer

Associate Professor (lecturer and researcher) at the department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, division of Information Systems at Luleå University of Technology.


I have previously worked in the subjects Industrial organization and Management and Industrial Logistics both with the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering and research projects.

Academic Degrees

Docent in Social Informatics, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. 2014
Doctor of Technology in Industrial Organization, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, 2005 Licentiate in Engineering, Industrial Organization, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, 1999 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with specialization Industrial Economics, Högskolan i Luleå, Sweden,1991

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Tracey Brian
Requirements for Education and Qualification of People in Industry 4.0

Requirements for Education and Qualification of People in Industry 4.0

Tracey Bryan currently works as a Digital Literacy Coach at the American School. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Advisory Board Member for the Americas. Throughout her twenty year career as an international educator she has strived to be at the forefront of innovation in education.  Tracey collaborates with educators across the globe to transform teaching and learning while focusing on all stake-holders.

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Organized by Design Thinking Sweden

Conny Hedman

DTS Sweden patented innovation practices result in products that help customers get the “job” done better; designing company culture where people love to work.

 Provides a concrete framework to define, conceptualize and begin to design culture of your team or organization. 

•We help to design Brands, Product Service* To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation Value with all Stakeholders* Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centered Vision.* Service Designer highly experienced Workshop leader of Co-Creation Sessions.* Value Network Mapping* Service Design& Service Innovation* Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer*Internal and External Branding* Canvas Business Model* Creative Problem Solving Innovation  Design Thinking   and Smart Industry events and publishing. •
•We research, create, and facilitate debate-driven, focused events tackling the critical business sustainability challenges around the world.